Summer begins at Loon Lake

It has been quite a week here at Loon Lake. We have gone from turning the heat on to warm up the house in the morning, to sleeping with the windows open and fans whirling to cool the house down.

I have been up Crusher Mountain/the bump several times over the course of the week. The woods had been quite open. Over the last six days the leaves have opened, totally changing the woods. I watched a red Trillium bloom, become beautiful, and then fade at the end of the week.

Black flies are out. A week ago, they were buzzing around, annoyingly. They have now organized in to squadrons and are launching attacks. I have six bites on one arm, and just ordered another Benadryl itch stick.

This time of year, the best and most useful room at camp is the screened in porch. One of my sons is up with a friend and they built yet a third one, here at camp. This one is just off the outdoor pizza oven, and will become our outdoor dining room. And my refuge from the bugs while tending the oven.

Water temperature hit the low 60s on Thursday. Suddenly, the fish became more active. Perch and small bass are swarming the shallows, both of the lake and the surrounding ponds. My Son landed a 19 inch Smallmouth Bass, using a perch colored jointed Rapala, just off the………….. I will post a photo if and when he sends it to me.

Fish are moving up the North Branch of the Saranac to spawn. They are pooling just below the outlet of the lake.

A neighbor across the lake has been taking his Grandson Turkey Hunting, early in the morning. I had to laugh, as I saw several turkeys grazing in his front yard as I drove by his camp one morning this week.

Activity is noticeably increasing on the lake. Several seasonal camps have been opened and are occupied. There is more boat, kayak and canoe activity on the lake. Spending considerable time talking to folks I have not seen since last year.

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