Father’s Day Weekend

And it is going to be a good one.  The weather is going to be great.

Heading to Orange Theory Fitness shortly for a workout, and then on to the Trap Range.  This afternoon I am spending with my 4 year old grandson, in their pool, while my daughter runs around filling my Father’s Day order of beer and cigars.

I bought all the Father’s a Swiss-Tech micro tool.  Paula asks me to take care of their gifts every year, and I always get them something I would want.  I bought one for myself.  Paula saw it; liked it; and took it.  Happy Father’s Day.

Tomorrow we have the baptism of Rosie, grandkid # 6, followed by a Father’s Day picnic.  All I have to do is sit by the pool and swim with the kids.  I can handle that.

Hope you all have as much fun as I plan on having.


Camp visitors

Our family keeps growing, which makes the sleeping arrangements complicated. Plus the fact that my office at camp doubles as the nursery, and we have three infant grandchildren.

The Fourth of July is approaching, and we will have everyone here.

On our lower level, we have a garage known as the canoe room. It doubles as my shop and ham radio room.

I just moved into the canoe room. I screened in the doorway. Paula said I should put bunk beds in as well, but that defeats the purpose. I need a place to escape to. I’ll put an inflatable mattress on the floor on those occasions when I need to sleep there.

Black Flies and Mosquitoes

Yes, the bugs have been bad this Spring–early Summer.

My wife marvels at the fact that I seldom get a bug bite.  I think it is because I follow a fairly simple (but rigid) regime when it comes to bug management.  If you follow these steps, you can survive bug season in the Adirondacks.

  1.  Wear lightweight long-sleeve shirts and pants.  Wear an insect-shield treated Buff on your head (I wear a Buff almost year round– for bugs, camo during hunting, warmth in Winter).
  2. Use bug spray with DEET sparingly–  I use it only on the back of my neck and hands.
  3. When hiking, keep moving, try not to retrace your steps (they will be waiting for you), and always go first.
  4. Be accompanied by someone sweeter than you.  I recommend your spouse, significant other, or a grandchild. (regarding grandchildren– good luck with #3 above).  I call this the bug-magnet approach.
  5. If the bugs are really bad, use  Permethrin Spray and treat your clothes (this is also great for tick management).

I spend significant time outdoors, year-round.  I try not to let the weather, bugs or whatever interfere with my joy in being in the woods, on the water and in the mountains.

Rainy day tonite

It was supposed to rain all day today. After I walked the dogs this morning, I decided to run up Crusher Mountain with Porter, as it was not yet raining. Soon after that, Saske and I went fishing. The only excitement came when a Loon surfaced next to the boat.

We got back to camp, and Paula asked if I wanted to climb Crusher, before the rain. So We took Porter and went up the Mountain. He was confused.

As it still was not raining, I swam the dogs for the first time this year. Three quick retrieves each, as the water is still quite chilly.

I decided to erect the rain tarp in front of the pizza oven, as I don’t like cooking in the rain. After I put it up I noticed we had about 50% blue sky….

It finally did rain, when I was cooking pizza.

A much better day outside at the lake than I had expected.

More Fishing

After we climbed Crusher Mt. (which we call the bump), I put the kayak in.  Just for grins, I brought along the fishing rod.  I have never fished from a kayak nefore; I used to fish quite a bit from a solo canoe.

First cast off Surveyor Point; hooked a nice fish.  It proceeded to pull me around quite a bit as I tried to land it. Not enough hands.And then the accidental selfie.