First Fire

It is a cold blustery Fall day, here at Loon Lake. Porter and I went duck hunting early this morning. I am still getting over a cold, and it was spitting rain and windy.

This afternoon Paula and I took the Izaak and Saske on a hike to the cobble, over near Whiteface. This is a short, 1.3 mile fairly level hike to a great view. It was cold.

I could not seem to warm up, so we built the first fire of the Fall. Enjoying it now.


The correct way to make Oatmeal

Use Quaker Old Fashioned Oats.

Put cinnamon in the oats, while cooking.

Add lots of fruit (including a Macoun apple from Golden Harvest) and nuts

Add maple syrup (from Vermont)

Awesome Fall breakfast.

Especially if you top it with three slices of thick cut bacon.

Opening Day, early duck season.

Saturday was opening day– an event I look forward to, every Fall. I train Porter throughout the Spring and Summer. I built a new blind, and brushed it in, last weekend.

Porter and I got to the blind around 5 AM; plenty of time to put out the decoys. As we approached the blind, a beaver slapped its tail, just off shore. Then it did it again, several times. An angry Beaver.

I got to the blind and got a shock. All the branches I had used to brush it in were gone! I looked around and found a pile of leaves at the shore and in the water. The Beaver had eaten my blind. A Beaver buffet.

Luckily, I had time to rebuild. It was a great morning . I carried on an extended conversation with some Mallards, but could not entice them over to our decoys.

Fall at the Lake

Well, the leaves are turning and it is much cooler here at Loon Lake. It is also very quiet, with little activity as most camps have been closed up for the season. This is one of my favorite times of year to be up at the Lake.

We don’t close up our camp, as we are here year-round. We do prepare for Winter, however. Outside water has been shut off, summer cold air-intakes sealed off, next year’s wood supply ordered. I will probably pull the Whaler over the next couple of days– the dock and jonboat will stay in ’til mid November.

Early goose season ended this week. No luck this year, but I did not give it my best effort. On the other hand, early duck season starts next Saturday. I will put the finishing touches on my blinds later today. Just scheduled my annual duck hunting trip to the St. Lawrence with a couple of close friends.

I am taking a woodworking course at the high school shop over the next 6 weeks. I think my project will be to make a wooded door insert for the pizza oven, to seal it off tighter when it is not in use. I am not handy, so this will be an interesting challenge.

Walking the dogs earlier today, we experienced dueling owls, hooting at each other. Close by, and loud. Very nice.

Power out at Loon Lake

Good morning. We are experiencing very high winds, here at the lake, this morning. Power went out around the Northern portion of the lake around 3 AM. The hamlet at the Southern end of the lake still has power. National Grid has been notified. Looks like power is out in Duane and Paul Smith’s, as well.