Old Knees

I took a bad spill a couple of weeks ago and banged up my knee. I iced and rested it, and took about ten days off from my exercise routine. It has been feeling better, so I have resumed some more strenuous activity.

I typically hike up the bump, or Crusher Mountain, early mornings here at camp. It is about a twenty minute trip, and you are climbing all the way. I have now done it twice over the last three days. The knee seems fine. Of course, I am now wearing two knee braces, and using a shortened ski pole. It takes me longer to come down than climb up.

The knee is doing better, as long as I don’t try to sit down in or get up from a chair. Much to my dismay, I realized as I got up from my Father’s old JFK rocker, that I sounded just like he used to….

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