Memorial Day Weekend at Loon Lake

One nice thing about the last three days of cooler (high 30’s) mornings, bugs have not been a problem. I admit to turning the heat up early, to warm the house. By afternoon, the windows are all open. All of Paula’s tender new plants have taken up residence on one of our sheltered screened in porches. We did lose the basil, however.

The cooler nights has definitely slowed the warming of the lake, and has affected the fishing. Lake temperature is hovering just below 60 degrees. I may delay putting the swim float out, as I must attach it from underneath and don’t know if I want to get in the water quite yet. Still have not swum the dogs.

We have a houseful of family up for the Holiday weekend. Actually, we have had visitors just about every weekend,and that does not seem to be slowing down. No complaints, after the isolation of last year. Enjoying taking my grandson fishing on the Whaler. Or as he says, his Whaler. Used our new screened in dining area off the wood-fired pizza oven yesterday. Very nice. Getting lots of suggestions for adding Edison lights and a ceiling fan…

For those of you cruising by in your party barges— enjoy yourselves! Just wondering why you need to share your loud music with everyone else?

Lots of projects underway here at camp. Always something to do. Lots of activity around the lake; yet, about half the camps are not occupied.

There is an active logging operation along the old Railroad ROW leading to the Fishhole Pond fishing access site. Big trucks. Be careful.

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