Presidents’ Day Weekend – Update

Well, Saturday was everything we expected. What a great day to be outdoors.

I went out for grouse, early, before the household got up and moving. With the deep snow, Porter had to stay home. I followed one of my older snowshoe tracks into the Kushaqua Easement lands. At one point I came across two holes in the snow, made by grouse, diving under the snow for warmth. They leave a distinctive wing brush in the snow. Tracks led away from the holes, into the woods. I followed the tracks for about 15 feet, and a grouse flew from the tree in front of me. After about 5 seconds, the second grouse flew. They were amazing. I then realized I had the shotgun in my hand……don’t even raise it.

When I got back to camp, I prepared the snowmobiles for a run. I made the mistake of pulling them out of the garage the night before. They did not want to start. So, of course, I flooded them. Changed the plugs, and pulled them into the garage to warm up. Paula’s comment was—. Why, when you leave the sleds in a heated garage on trickle chargers year round, did you put leave them outside overnight in twenty below weather the one night before you wanted to use them? I had no answer.

We went on the longest and best snowmobile run ever. Trails all around the lake are groomed nicely. We went to Lake Kushaqua, over to Mud Pond, down Thatcherville to Waite Road, Blue Spruce to Mensink, up on the Powerline ROW, over towards Mountainview, back down the old Railroad ROW to Rt. 26, and home. It was beautiful. The most amazing thing to me— we did this mid day, and we saw only 8 other sleds on the trails. One one of the nicest days of the year. On a holiday weekend.

We took the grandkids sledding on the hill next to the camp. They had a great time. Did not want to come in

I fired up the pizza oven (which means I had a beer and a cigar). It is easier with family here; they do all the running. All I do is tend the oven and throw the pizza. We made 6, without a flaw.

All in all, a great day at Loon Lake, in Winter. Today is looking to be just as good.

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