Presidents’ Day Weekend

20 below here at Loon Lake, this morning. Bright sun. It will be a great day to get outside.

There is about 4 feet of snow in the woods. You need a lot of flotation with your snowshoes to avoid sinking down. I was not floating yesterday. Got quite the workout in about 40 minutes.

There is a well-broken trail up Loon Lake Mountain. Yes it is a climb, but you won’t be fighting the snow.

The snowmobile trails are in excellent shape. The best in years. And getting a lot of use. All the trails in the area are open.

Will be making pizza later. Have some family up, so will have help running the pizza up and down. The oven heats up to 850 degrees; it is well-insulated, the snow won’t melt off the roof.

Told my six year old grandson he could take the Jon boat out for a spin.

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