Presidents’ Day Weekend – Coda

It is snowing as I write this. We have a Winter Weather advisory and expect up to a foot of snow through Tuesday night. I just got done replenishing the wood boxes. Looking out the window it is as if we are in a snow globe.

I traditionally take the is week off. I didn’t this year, as the weather we had the last two years over this week was pretty lousy. 2021 is making up for it.

I have been out grouse hunting every day. The season ends the end of the month. I love finding the signs of grouse in the deep snow. They walk lightly across the snow, with me lumbering after them on my snowshoes, sinking down four feet at times, when I step on top of a small pine tree. The branches form pockets of air that collapse from my weight…

I have never used the snowmobiles as much as we have the past three days. Long runs, with very few others on the trails. Long for me is about 90 minutes— we don’t do extended runs.

The grandkids had a great time sledding on our hill. We have several snow caves and forts built around our camp.

It seems quieter up here than normal, for a holiday weekend and school vacation week.

Outdoor conditions are spectacular, for all Winter activities. If I get the energy, I may ski the perimeter of the lake tomorrow.

One thought on “Presidents’ Day Weekend – Coda

  1. Sounds like a great weekend! We all got a kick out of Paula’s comment to you about leaving the snowmobiles outside.
    We do miss the Adirondacks during the winter. Diane and I nearly got stuck at the Mirror Lake Inn in Lake Placid when the Great Ice Storm of 1998 started. We woke up to the hotel not having power and we made our way down to the hotel’s restaurant for breakfast. The waitress told us we could have anything we wanted except for toast. It wouldn’t have been a bad place to get stuck at. Fortunately we were able to make it out when they briefly opened the road through Keene.
    Down here in Pennsylvania we’re supposed to get heavy ice. I’ve got the generator ready in case we lose power.


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