The Weekend before Christmas

All quiet here at the lake. And cold. The dogs are making very quick trips outside. For the first time, I am contemplating getting vests for the older two dogs.

The Nor’Easter spared Loon Lake. We only have an inch or two of snow on the ground, compared to 24” in Albany and 32” in Saratoga. Wish the totals were reversed. Could use a couple of feet up here.

Big game hunting is over for the year. Grouse and Rabbit remain open. And there are rabbit tracks everywhere.

This is a good time to walk cross country in the woods. The ground is frozen, there is little to no snow depth and it is hard to get lost when you can turnaround and follow your boot tracks back out. We wi be going for a ramble in the woods later today.

Any ice on the lake is still not safe for any purpose. Stay off the lake.

This Covid Pandemic has caused us to alter our usual holiday plans. I was exposed a few weeks ago, but both tests were negative (and quickly performed at the drive through station at the hospital in Saranac Lake). One grand kid was exposed last week, and a son exposed earlier this week. All tests negative. We will see each of the kids and their families sequentially on Christmas Eve, rather than all together. More of a buffet style approach than a formal dinner. Masks required for all.

As we approach the holidays, I do note how fortunate we are to have our Loon Lake camp. We have fared well this past year. I do think the next four months will present a significant challenge.

Please be responsible, and stay safe.

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