The turnout in the 2020 General Election was quite something; the number of people who did not vote in-person was quite impressive.

I have not missed an opportunity to vote since I turned 18. I view voting as fundamental, and take it as serious obligation. Voting is an essential democratic function in the United States, providing the foundation for the rule of law upon which our country is governed.

I traditionally vote by absentee ballot, as I never know where I will be on election day. I am a member of the New York Democratic Lawyers Council, and tend to work the polls on election day, making sure every voter, regardless of Party affiliation, has the opportunity to complete a ballot. This year was different, given the pandemic. We had general early voting across the state— a great development (for an awful reason).

I vote in the Town of Franklin, in the Northern Adirondacks. It is a small, very rural town. We live out on a remote lake, with mostly season camps surrounding us. I think the full time residents number less than 20. I feel my vote is always meaningful, given how few vote from here.

I was surprised by the results in the Town of Franklin in 2020. Biden/Harris and Cobb took the Town, over Trump and Stefanik. Not the result I was anticipating.

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