Ten Below at Loon Lake

A beautiful, crisp, cold and clear morning, here in the Northern Adirondacks. Orion was overlooking the camp as I walked the dogs.

I am solo up here through the weekend. Or as solo as you can be with four dogs. Paula is downstate making Christmas cookies, and assembling the cookie trays, with the help of our three oldest grand daughters. She told me I could help by getting the dogs out of the house.

I worked from camp yesterday, on a series of teleconferences, and reviewing documents. I am managing an interesting wind project over in the Tug Hill Region and we are getting ready to file the application with the State Siting Board. I did manage to shovel out the camp (snowblower is down–waiting on parts) and put up more firewood.

Today should be a great day. I registered and insured the snowmobiles, and will get them running. I will probably go hunting for grouse midday. If it warms up some, Porter will go with me. No pizza.

I momentarily thought about smoking a cigar in the camp last night. What was I thinking? Now I know why I have a heated garage….

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