Snow at the Lake

We are really socked in.

I took Porter out for grouse today. I should have worn snowshoes. There is a good 18 to 24 inches of snow in the woods. We have not had snow like this, early, in three or four years. My big game hunting friends are very pleased. Me, not so much. Porter, rather than quartering in front of me, walked in my tracks, dogging my heels, if you will.

I will probably fire up the snowmobiles, to make sure they are running.

It has been very cold at night– twenty below, or so. The lake froze solid the day before Thanksgiving.

Our annual duck hunting trip up on the St. Lawrence was a lot of fun. But it was bitter cold in the blind. It took me two days to finally feel warm again.

Paula is deep into her Christmas cookie baking. I put in more wood, and the fireplace is going.

It will be a bit warmer tomorrow. Porter and I will go out for grouse again, this time I will bring the snowshoes. Making pizza later in the day.

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