Anchor Porter – Best Beer in America.

I have become obsessed with Anchor Porter. It has replaced Founder’s Porter as my favorite beer. Both can be found by the case, if you look.

Anchor Porter is made in San Francisco. It is definitely a specialty beer here in the Northeast. Recently it has become harder to find. So I have started stockpiling it. My third fundamental principle is now “never pass up an opportunity to purchase a case of Anchor Porter”.

I have a case on ice, in both Glenmont and at the lake. I have two extra cases in cool storage, up at the lake. When Paula and I were downstate, we stopped at a specialty beer store– they had a case, and I bought it.

Today, on my way back from working out and trap shooting, I stopped at one of my regular beer stores. They had four six packs of Anchor Porter on the shelf. I carried them up to the counter. As I was checking out, the owner asked if I would rather have the unopened case he had on the bottom shelf.

Now I had a dilemma. I have never been in a situation where I could actually purchase two cases of Anchor Porter. I opted to only get one.

But now I can’t stop thinking about the other case.

I guarantee that by next weekend, I will pick it up. Or I may alert my kids, as one of them is my secret Santa this year.

How much is enough?

Lest you think I drink a lot of beer– I am on a strict diet, and limit myself to two a week.

On Saturdays. Like today….

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