Surf Casting on Nantucket

Yesterday was a cooler, blustery day. Winds picked up all day. Not sure if we are beginning to feel the effect of Hurricane Florence, or if this is unrelated.

Paula and I started out towards Smith Point around 1 PM. The tide was all wrong– running out, with about 2-3 hours to go. The Point is about a 90 minute walk, these days.

We had been walking about 15 minutes, when I noticed waves breaking on a sand bar, just offshore. The Bar angled a bit, creating a funnel. The water roiled a bit, inside the bar, and I saw flashes of white, occasionally. I told Paula I wanted to stop and fish a bit.

First cast. About 3 seconds after beginning my retrieve, Boom! The rod doubled over and I had a fish on. There is no feeling like the power of a Bluefish hitting a lure. I landed the fish, and kept him for dinner.

Second cast, same thing. Kept this one, as well, but switched out my lure to one with a single barbless hook, to speed the return of any fish to the water.

I was into a school of blues, feeding on the baitfish, being swept into the funnel created by the sand bar. They were feeding on silver minnows. Each fish I landed had several in their mouths (see picture). A large seal watched the action from just outside the bar. When he came in to feed, the blues started jumping wildly, out of the water.

I must be getting old. My arms tired after 7 fish, so I stopped. Paula and I watched the fish feeding, and I filleted the two Blues for our dinner.

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