Not my President

When is enough, enough?!

Trump’s “shithole” comment is totally unacceptable.

We now have a president who is a confirmed racist, who certainly does not represent or possess my values.

Where is the outrage? I feel compelled to exhort everyone to speak up. Loudly.

This man is contemptible, dishonest, vindictive, ignorant and incompetent.

He lacks the interest and the basic skills necessary to be an effective leader. He has no policy. He has no values. Except—he is a racist.

I do not want to drop to his level, or play his games. So I won’t result to profanity and insults.

One thought on “Not my President

  1. I am outraged. I posted Dan Rathers’ comments about it on Facebook. It is a disappointing and sad day for the US. We’ve hit a new nadir.


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