A great weekend coming up

Finally!! The frigid cold is gone (it is about 15 degrees out– which feels downright warm).  We are not expecting winds, precipitation, or wind chill through the weekend.  There is a foot of new snow on the ground.  This is it– get outside.

I will probably fire up the snowmobiles.  I know I am grouse hunting– warm enough to bring the dog.  Paula will want to go either snow shoeing, or skiing.  Definitely will slide down the sledding hill.

We are sure to see many sleds on the snowmobile trail on the other side of the lake, as well as ice fishermen, going for yellow perch and northern pike.

At some point, we may head into town–  the Hotel Saranac reopened yesterday, and we want to check it out.

Get outside, and enjoy!

One thought on “A great weekend coming up

  1. Wow! The Hotel Saranac finally reopened! Check out the restaurant and post your experience. Surely will never compete with the Paul Smith’s era. Loved that place. Best, Scott


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