Happy New Year from Loon Lake

It is a cold start–  Twenty below, with wind, so it feels like thirty below.  Perfectly clear sky– the  stars are tremendous.  It will be a bright sunny day.

This is the kind of day we typically lose power–

It may actually be too cold for me to be out much today, unfortunately.  Yesterday, Jon and I pushed back into an area of woods (recently logged)  I hadn’t yet explored, off Mensink Road.  We were on snowshoes, and the snow depth was about two feet.  I wanted to go back and continue my exploration– thinking I could make very quick time into the woods, using our broken, packed-down track from yesterday.  I don’t know if I am up to it, with the cold.

This is the coldest start to January that I can remember.  It bodes well, I hope, for a great Winter season here in the Northern Adirondacks.



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