Minus 14 at Loon Lake – Dec. 31st

I am not sure who woke up first– the dogs or one of the wee ones at camp.  We have two three year olds, one two year old, and two under four months.  All I know is I was out with the dogs at 3:45 AM.

The older young ones went sledding yesterday, and had a great time.  Luckily, the sledding hill literally starts right out our back door.

Lots of activity up here.  Someone has skied the perimeter of the lake, and I noticed ski tracks on several of the woods trails in the area.  Ice fishing in Hodge Bay.  Snowmobiles on the old rail road ROW.  Many people walking along the roads around the lake.

We were the victim of a  theft yesterday–  someone stole our garbage can, from up next to the road.  They left the recyclables bin.  Curious.

We pulled of nine pizzas flawlessly, yesterday.  It so helps having someone run the pizzas up and down, from the kitchen, while I am tending the fire and cooking the pies.  It also helps having the boys cut the stove wood.

I was deep in the woods of Mullins Road yesterday, hunting grouse.  The signs of Moose were everywhere.  I have pushed deeper into the woods this year and seem to have found where the Moose are spending their winter.  I think my son Jon and I will do some exploring on snow shoes, later today.

Reading a great new book–  “Great American Survival Stories, edited by Lamar Underwood (2017 Lyons Press Classics).  I highly recommend it. Fifteen different stories, some are familiar–  Theodore Roosevelt and the River of Doubt, Owen Chase on the shipwreck of the whaleship Essex.  An excellent 4 AM read at camp.


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