Spring/Summer at Loon Lake

Look’s like our five days of Spring may be over.

Last weekend, the Trillium were just starting to bloom, and the bulbs Paula planted at camp last year had started to push they way up through the soil.

This weekend, the Trillium are in full bloom, as are the bulbs along our stone steps. In fact, with several 85 degree days, the season for the spring flowers may be short indeed, this year.

It seemed like Spring took a long time arriving this year, and then hurried its way out.

Last year, I had some success Trout fishing early in the season, both here at camp and downstate (outside of Albany). Not so this year. Did not hook any fish downstate until early May. And finally had some success on the North Branch of the Saranac earlier this week.

With this hot weather, the bugs are out in force. Hopefully we will get a cold night soon. They don’t really keep me from doing what I want to do outdoors, but it is harder on the dogs.

Here’s the first Trout of the year, along with the new flowers along our steps.

First Trout 2022
First Year Bloom

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