Shoulder season at Loon Lake

The snow is gone. Some bugs are out, but not biting. Quite windy today. Going to defer launching the jonboat. The dock is in, though (thanks, Tom).

Paula and I went up Crusher, a/k/a the bump. Still seeing snow over on Whiteface. The Purple Trillium are out, and quite beautiful. The Painted Trillium have yet to blossom; they tend to lag behind the Red just a bit.

The bulbs Paula planted at camp last Fall are beginning to bloom. Always interesting the first year to see what comes up, and where. With the heat we are expecting this upcoming week, it may be a quick season.

There is an active logging operation down at the end of Mensink, past Blue Spruce, on the old NYSEG lands. A gentleman from Maine bought the land last Fall. The logs are being stockpiled, as the Town Roads are posted with Spring weight limits. I imagine they will start being trucked out in the very near future.

Seeing more activity around the lake, including some of our Canadian neighbors. Been quite some time; welcome back!

Heading back outside to enjoy this great day.

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