Coyote or Eastern Wolf

This winter, the animal tracks are prolific in our woods. Tons of rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, mice, deer, and an occasional Moose. But the ones I notice most are the coyote. There is one that walks our road on the Point just about every morning, before I go out with the dogs. I see their tracks whenever I go grouse hunting.

I have seen coyotes in the past. Very characteristic lope. Usually skinny, generally around 30 – 40 pounds. Skittish when they see me.

So today, I went out for grouse,midday, with Porter. We drove down to some State Land, down Rt.26, past the Loon Lake Mt. trailhead. As I approached the old logging landing where I planned on parking, an animal crossed the road in front of me. Looked like a coyote. But then it stopped, and looked at me. I stopped the truck, and watched it. It showed no fear, and walked into the woods. I got out, and stood by the truck. It slowly moved away, into the woods.

The animal was mostly gray. Looking at it, I would say it went at least 70 lbs. comparing it to my dogs, which range from 35 to 65 pounds. Very well built.

Coyotes typically are much smaller than that. So— could it have been an Eastern Wolf? But for the size, I would say it was a Coyote. If so, I have never seen on that fearless of man, or that big.

I did go grouse hunting. But I left Porter sleeping in the truck.

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