Waiting on the Storm

We are expecting some nasty weather, here at Loon Lake. We have a Winter Weather Advisory for sleet and ice. The forecast was for the possibility of freezing rain all morning.

Paula and I changed up our routine, given the prediction for nasty weather. Yesterday was clear and sunny, so I made pizza late, after work. A nice way to ease into the weekend. I shifted some wood under cover last night, so I could split it today during the rain. I got that done early, in the dry.

We headed out on snowshoes early today, hoping to get a hike in before the rain. We made it up to the base of Lookout Mountain, without any difficulty, and in the dry. Paula followed that with a quick ski on the lake. Still no bad weather.

I figured I should walk the dogs and get them tired out before the storm, while they still wanted to go outside. We took a long walk, and made it back in the dry.

So now it is approaching 1 PM, and it hasn’t started to rain. The bad weather has not materialized. Not sure what to do– but I am going to head back outside while I can. This day is a gift.

Keith ADKWhaler

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