The Storm delivered

Although Thursday’s snow fall did not materialize, the storm picked up steam here at Loon Lake throughout the day on Friday. We had blizzard conditions with high winds most of the day. Kept the fire going in the fireplace.

The dogs have a hard time in the deep snow. I cleared some paths with the snowblower, but was real happy to see Don and Doris Hamm arrive late last night, plowing out the road.

I think we received about 20 inches of new snow, using my reliable garbage can gauge. It seems like more, because of the drifting. I have not seen drifts like this (waist high) on Horsehead Point in several years.

This morning, the sky was clear, the full moon was out and it was eight below. The snow on the lake reflected the moonlight– it was quite bright out. Very, qUick walks for the dogs.

I fired up the snowmobiles and took them out. I had run mine a couple of weeks ago, but the other had not been used in two years. It is old (1997), but fired right up. We are expecting company over President’s Day weekend and I wanted to make sure both sleds were functioning. I did not see much signs of life in the camps around the lake. The usual suspects over on Mensink and here on the Point, but that’s about it.

By the time I got back, it had warmed up a bit. To four below. Perfect weather to sit outside for two hours, tending the pizza oven. So I dug it out to fire up later. Actually, the cold does not bother me. It helps that the oven heats up to 800 degrees. And there are no bugs.

Looking at the day ahead, I think Paula and I will head out on a snowshoe hike somewhere. I think the snow is too deep for our skis.



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