A Walk in the Woods

Getting outside at this time of year, during the season of melt, is a challenge. The temperature this Saturday morning is hovering around freezing, and it is threatening to rain or snow. The woods are a mess of slushy snow and ice. The North Branch of the Saranac is running too high to fish. About all we can do is walk along a road through the woods.

Porter and I opted to walk along the Southern portion of Mullins Road. The trail up Loon Lake Mountain follows this road for a bit. It had been plowed recently, as Lyme Timber made a surgical strike into the area in March. The lumbering operation has ceased, probably because all the roads around here are posted through the end of mud season.

Mullins Road is actually an old railroad right of way. This spur ran from Tekene Junction (down on the power line right of way, where the huge concrete abutments are) into the Duck Pond area. Brooklyn Cooperage logged the area to support its barrel making business.

We had the woods to ourselves, until we disturbed a Moose grazing on the young bushes along the road. Of course, my camera was buried under 3 layers of clothes. I did manage to take shots of some scrapes, fresh Moose poop, and a hole the Moose had dug in the base of a tree with a pocket knife.

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