News from the Lake

Some news items from Loon Lake.

Steve sold the Inn! I am sorry I did not get a chance to say good bye, or to find out his plans. He and Rick were very good to us. It appears that the Inn is undergoing interior renovations.

There have been preliminary discussions between Loon Gulf and the APA about reopening the golf course. Give how long the course has been dormant, a whole new application would be required. In order to avoid triggering stricter APA land use requirements, the course might be reconfigured to move the holes currently in the Hamlet area.

Some land at the southern end of the lake have been sold. The parcel includes the boat launch and the beach area used by the Homeowner’s Association. The owners are looking to subdivide the parcel into a couple of building lots, and have indicated a willingness to transfer the boat launch and beach areas to the Homeowners’ Association.

Lyme Timber is starting to log the base of Loon Lake Mountain again. They are accessing along Mullins Road. The trail up the mountain follows along Mullins Road for about 150 yards soon after the trailhead parking. Be careful.

One of the small camps on Mensink Road is being replaced. All the necessary APA approvals have been issued. The existing structure has been removed. Rather, it has been moved. The guys that purchased the Loon Gulf land beyond Mensink and Blue Spruce Drive have moved the camp onto that parcel. I think this is great– I always like that camp and am glad to see it put to new use.

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