Vacation from the Lake

We are away this week, but have friends staying at the camp with our dogs. This is the first I have traveled (except for work) without being accompanied by at least one dog.

At the moment, we are awaiting the ferry to Nantucket Island. We have a beach cottage at the west end, in Madaket. The same place I have stayed since I used to go to the island with my parents as a kid. Looking forward to engaging in my passion– surf casting for blues and strippers out at Smith Point, the very western tip of the island.

We spent last night at my Brother Graham’s in Cotuit, on the Cape. I have not seen Graham and Leslie since Columbus Day, 2016. I was pleasantly surprised to see that he had dropped a little weight. I have been working hard at that, and am at my lightest since 1993.

Collectively, we have lost 120 pounds. As he put it, we have lost more than our sister Sal weighs. And we aren’t done yet.

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