Spring at Loon Lake – updated


Still snow in the woods and along the roads.  Some open water around the edges of Loon Lake.  It seems late for the ice to go out.

Made a run up Tower Road, checking out Loon Lake Mountain yesterday.  No signs of ongoing logging in this area.

Finally got Porter out on the defunct golf course for some training today.  He loved it.  I enjoyed watching him work.

Prepared the Jon boat for its eventual launch.  Maybe next weekend, if we are lucky. Preparing means, getting new fuel, charging the battery, vaccuuming the pine needles out of the boat and throwing out bottle caps and spent shotgun shells.

The weather was nice all day and is raining now.  Exactly the opposite of what the forecast predicted.  Of course, I  delayed firing the pizza oven and now will be cooking in the rain.  But, it is Spring!

Update:  Pizza came out great.  Paula heard the Loons calling yesterday, as they flew over the frozen lake.  It is Sunday morning, and it is snowing….

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