Weather at the Lake

Last Sunday, when we left the lake, we hit the worst driving weather we have had in twenty years.  Virtual white out through Cascade Pass.  The plows had not been out.  I had the snow tires taken off my truck the week before.  Not fun.

Coming back up tonight, we hit a monsoon as we got off the Northway.  It cleareed as we hit Wilmington; we actually witnessed a complete double rainbow.  The winds began to pick up on the shoulder of Whiteface Mountain.  By the time we got to camp, the winds sounded like a freight train.  Two huge trees down on our road.  I did some things with the truck I should not do to get around them.  I will need to clear the trees  with the chain saw tomorrow.

Of course, we lost power.  Checking the National Grid Power Outage map, I learned that over 106,000 folks are currently without power.

The lake is beginning to clear of ice; there is still substantial ice coverage, however.  Probably won’t launch the Jon boat this weekend.  I think I will fish around the edges from a kayak (Pike season opens tomorrow).


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