Making Pastrami

I bought a large brisket from our local butcher a few weeks ago.  I soaked it in a brine for about a week– in essence, turning it into a corned beef.  I then applied a rub of pepper, paprika, coriander, garlic  and brown sugar.  I am now smoking it for around 6 hours.  The end product will be– pastrami.  I have not done this before.

As long as the smoker is going, and I have room, I threw in some hot Italian sausage Paula and I made in January.

So far, I like the smoker.  I have never done anything like this before.  Looking forward to smoking some freshly caught fish.  I may end up bringing the smoker to Nantucket next Fall– for Bluefish.

The downside– I smell like smoke.  Wearing old clothes.   Paula is out tonight, so I may end up having a cigar, while watching the smoker.  Why not? I smell like smoke anyway….

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