The Return of Winter

This week we experienced a thaw, here at Loon Lake.  The snow banks have receded a bit, and we have had some rain.  Our road and the area around the camp where I had cleared the snow is very icy– we need stabilicers just to walk to the garage.  Yesterday morning, the temperature was in the 30’s and we had a light drizzle.

Then Winter came back.  The wind out of the West picked up, and the temperature dropped into the teens.  It started to snow.  Hard.  Horizontally. Intensely. It was a short burst, but dropped about two inches of new snow, which provides some traction on what is now a solid sheet of glare ice.

It cleared, and the night sky was spectacular last night.

This morning, it is 3 degrees and will warm up to the twenties in the sun today.  Should be a good day to be outside.

Porter and I went out for grouse in the Sable Highlands. As we walked through the woods, following an old logging trace, I really did not know where I was, exactly.  I was not concerned, as I knew I would eventually hit either a road, old railroad ROW or powerline.  And I had the option of just turning around and following my snowshoe tracks back out.  After about an hour, I saw a clearing and what looked like snow on the roof of a building.  I thought maybe I was approaching a hunting camp.  I was surprised when I came out on the backside of a campsite I maintain for NYSDEC– the snow was on the roof of the privy.  I had never approached the site from this angle.  It was then just a quick walk down the snowmobile trail to the truck.

Looking forward to a great day today.


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