A rainy day at Camp

Got Porter out to train, early, but still got rained upon.

Over Memorial Day Weekend, we had walked into the Saranac River Public Use area with the grandkids, for hot dogs and s’mores.  They counted 15 trees across the trail that they had to scramble over or under.  Today I went back with a chainsaw and cleared the blowdown.  In the rain– which was good, as it kept the bugs away.  Not fun hiking in, carrying the saw and wearing steel toed boots, kevlar chaps, safety glasses and a hard hat.  I was sweating when I left the truck.  But always better being safe, especially when cutting solo in the woods.  At least the trail is now clear, as  this site is handicap accessible.

This afternoon,  it cleared momentarily.  Just long enough to take the boat out and get soaked by a downpour on my second cast.  At least the tree pollen got washed off the boat.

The weather is supposed to improve as we progress through the week. Here’s hoping!

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