What a beautiful day!

Woke up this morning to clear skies– finally, after days of rain. It was, however, 38 out when I walked the dogs early. We flushed a blue heron, and watched three loons cavorting on our bay. The loons actually hung out on our Bay for hours. I think it was a couple and an interloper– raising a ruckus.

Porter loved training today. No bugs, and no rain. And cool. We had a great session.

I went out fishing with Saske. Only boat on the lake. The sun felt great. No luck, bud did spot some big Smallmouth Bass guarding their spawning beds.

Paula and I took the solo canoe and kayak out. The water was essentially dead calm. It is crystal clear; you can see down close to 15 feet. No one else on the water– just the three loons. Water temperature is 58.

The weather has not been great– more conducive for indoor activities. Yesterday, Paula made two loaves of sourdough bread. We went over to Clover Meade Farm in Keeseville to get some raw milk to make fresh mozzarella cheese. We stopped and bought some Mescal, which she infused with jalapeno peppers, and blended with fresh lime juice. That had a real kick. We needed today’s nice weather, so she could leave the kitchen and I would stop eating….

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