2 thoughts on “Once a lifeguard, always a lifeguard

  1. Looks like beautiful weather.
    I’m in your camp, I watched my kids like a hawk when they were swimming. I’d spend the whole time counting my kids – one, two, three. I saved my youngest from drowning in a Clifton Park public pool with a lifeguard when she ventured in too deep in the shallow end. Her head starting bobbing above and below the water without a sound. She remembers it, knew she was in trouble, then saw me coming and was relieved, then saw me leap off to pool edge towards her and was scared that I would land on her!
    Have a great rest of your Independence Day!


    • Ken, as a lifeguard, I went in twice to grab little kids in distress. Both times, before the parents even knew the kids were in trouble.

      Earlier today, a 12 year old swam across the bay and back, from the camp across from me. I stopped what I was doing and watched him.


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