I was out on the Hudson River tonight,  on my 17′ Whaler.  The Hudson is tidal, below the Troy dam, so you need to deal with tide, current, wind, and large barges and tug boats.  There is a navigation  channel, marked with red and green bouys.

I was approaching my slip from the North, when I noticed a large boat, heading to the marina from the South.  Something about the boat did not look right.  Then it clicked.  As he entered the breakwall, he stayed to the left of the red bouys. He should have stayed to the right (red, right, returning….).  The tide was running out, and he was about to run out of water.

I blasted my air horn to get his attention and tried to wave him over to the channel.  Too late.  Crunch.  Aground in a foot of water, soon to be a mud flat.

This happens every year, but this is the first time I have witnessed it.  It the picture here, he should have been on the other side of the red bouy, not runnijg next to the breakwall.

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