End of Winter at Loon Lake?

What a week.

Eight to ten inches of heavy, wet snow. Birch tree branches snapping off . Snow weighing down branches across the roads. No commercial power for 18 – 20 hours.

But….the ice is completely off Loon Lake. Just starting to see shoots from the daffodils Paula planted last Fall. And just made arrangements to pick up the Whaler from Fogarty’s.

Significant pick up in activity around the lake. Some folks returning after Winter, others just checking on their camps after the storm.

The snow is mostly gone in the woods this weekend. Hard frost last night, and the streams are running high from the snow melt. Made my first sunrise hike up Crusher Mt. of the new season, this morning. Made me miss Porter. I could see him, though, running through the woods, scrambling on the rocks, chasing squirrels.

Yesterday was Earth Day. I hope to make my annual Spring sweep of the garbage on Rt. 26 from our Point down to the Loon Lake Mountain Trailhead. Tomorrow is a training day to volunteer as a 46er Trailhead Steward. Will be hard to sit inside all day, but well worth it.

Looking at getting another canoe. Number 6. A little Kevlar/carbon fiber canoe, designed for poking around ponds. Very stable. Would use it as a platform for duck hunting and fishing.

Just booked two waterfowl trips for next Fall, up on the St. Lawrence. I get much satisfaction out of anticipating things, so I always seem to be planning ahead.

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