2022 Friends and Family Chowderfest

Prior to the pandemic, Paula and I looked forward to the Saratoga Chowderfest, held the first Saturday in February each year. You would walk through Saratoga, sampling various chowders at $1 per small cup. We would end up at Jacob and Anthony’s having a drink, sitting next to their outside fire pit.

The Chowderfest was not held in 2021. So we did our own, for our family and friends. It was a hit.

Sunday was our second annual Friends and Family Chowderfest. Last year’s was our first full family gathering since the start of the pandemic, so this is a special event for us. Paula made mugs and aprons for all participants. The winner gets a gold ladle that is passed on to each year’s winner.

I was in the lead to win with my Manhattan Crab and Sausage Chowder (my own recipe). But I got disqualified even though I had the most votes. My chowder got 25 votes, but when Paula tabulated the results, she noted that there were only 11 people voting, that my ballot were filled out with a red pen (nobody else had access to a red pen) and had clearly been copied on a laser printer (which is in my office).

We also had Michigans, and corned beef Reuben sliders. One of the chowders was a corned beef and cabbage chowder. Paula also made pretzels with beer cheese dip, corn bread, and Irish soda bread.

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