Late Winter Storm at Loon Lake

Woke up this morning to 3 inches of new snow. We have a Winter Storm Warning for 6 to 9 inches through 1 AM Sunday. This always happen when I start to pull together my Trout fishing equipment in anticipation of April 1st.

Will delay firing up the pizza oven until Sunday— better than cooking in a blizzard. We did something different last night— Paula made a shrimp, scallop, chicken and rice Paella— in the inside fireplace. It was just awesome.

Fireplace Paella

This snow is welcome— a couple of grandkids showed up last night and want to go sledding. The sledding hill was bare yesterday, even the icy base was mostly gone. They should do fine (once they get up…) with the new cover and additional snow we are expecting.

This is the hardest time of the year for me at Loon Lake. I am ready for the snow to be gone, followed by the ice on the lake. Can’t rush Mother Nature.

One thought on “Late Winter Storm at Loon Lake

  1. Paula’s Paella dinner looks amazing! Enjoy the grandkids this weekend. We’re also getting snow, might have to use my new snowblower for the second time this season.


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