Friday’s storm dumped 6 to 10 inches of snow on us, up here at Loon Lake. It snowed steadily throughout the day. Spent most of it watching it snow, next to the fire. I had to snowblow a path for the dogs to use when they went outside.

Unfortunately, below the snow, we have about 2 inches of solid, glare ice. Everywhere. Prior the storm, the ice had melted a bit, and then refroze, creating a skating rink like effect.

So be careful. Micro spikes or stabilicers are essential. Edges on your skis, and crampons on your snowshoes.

While snow blowing down a slight grade yesterday, the blower began to just slide downhill, faster than the wheels were spinning (letting up on the auger created a snow brake).

The snowmobile clubs are encouraging folks to stay off the trails, until they can be groomed. There are areas where the thaw created flooding and open water still exists. The new snow over ice creates a dangerous situation. I recall a few years ago, coming down our road onto the Point under similar conditions, with the sled just spinning in circles.

I took a spill late Thursday night, falling backward, slamming the back of my head on the ice. Mild concussion. But doing fine, now.

All that being said, we have family arriving today to enjoy this wonderful Winter weekend. I will fire up the outdoor pizza oven later, and hope to take a walk in the woods this morning, if I get clearance from Paula.


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