Presidents’ Day Weekend 2022

As of this past Thursday, I thought it would be a bust. Temperatures reached the high 40s, with high wind, and a driving rain. Our road out onto the Point turned into a sheet of ice. Water pooled on the lake, and on the snowmobile trails. Streams and brooks were (and still are) running high. All our expected guests cancelled postponed their visits until the following weekend.

Thursday we headed into Plattsburgh to resupply.stopped in for lunch at the Twisted Carrot. *****. The Corned Beef Rueben with Brussel sprout slaw was excellent. As was the Ausable Brown Ale.

Friday morning we received about an inch of snow. Just enough to provide some traction on the icy road. I went for a walk in the woods— all the wildlife and birds were hunkered down, not moving.

Saturday morning— what a difference. Woke up to a gentle snow. Three more inches on the ground. Gorgeous and silent; a blanket of snow on the ground and the trees covered as well. We have a good enough snow base over the ice for sledding. Not sure what the lake is like. The Snowmobile clubs are recommending that folks STAY OFF the trails until they can get the groomers out. Snowshoes will likely get a bit bogged down in the heavier wet snow— but that is no excuse not to go out.

Areas up here are experiencing significant flooding. Ice jams have formed on the Ausable River, flooding some homes, and washing some vehicles downriver. If you are out in the woods, you may find some brooks and streams impassable.

So I find myself confronted with a long weekend, no guests and pretty good conditions out there. I think I will put another pot of coffee on and contemplate how best to spend my time.

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