Happy Winter Carnival!

Saranac Lake is hopping this weekend. The Winter Carnival Parade was Saturday and did not disappoint. Good music in the bars. Carousel running. A good time.

Doing Pizza for lunch on Sunday, as our weekend guests were at the Carnival yesterday. At the moment, it has warmed up to one degree above zero. No real wind today, though— yesterday was brutal.

Looks like Franklin is back! Only seems to be missing his hat. Franklin is the giant snowman, at the house next to the Franklin Town Highway Garage in Vermontville.

Walking one of the dogs last night, we startled a snow-white Hare, who blasted across the road. Rabbit tracks are everywhere on the Point, but this is the first one I have actually seen out here in 20+ years.

Snowmobiling is at peak season. Lots of activity, and excellent conditions. I have also noticed several snowshoe tracks (not made by me), including going up Crusher Mountain. It looks like someone has established a cross country ski track around the perimeter of the lake. An ice fisherman was out off Washbourne Bay on Saturday. It’s mid February; the sun is higher and feels warmer, and we have great snow conditions. No excuse not to get outside.

We have about two feet of snow in the woods, covered with a crusty layer. Good for skiing and snowshoeing— but can be a pain if you break through the crust. While out for grouse, I saw deer, moose, rabbit, coyote, squirrel, otter, turkey and grouse tracks. All fresh.

If you are up here— get outside and enjoy!

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