Winter has settled in at Loon Lake

You know it’s Winter here when you shrug off another Wind Chill Advisory for 40 below temperatures and just go about your business. We finally have a good base of snow— at least a foot to 18 inches. Unfortunately, the NorthEaster heading up the coast will not reach us.

I finally fired up one of the vintage 1998 snowmobiles and took it for a run yesterday, after work. The trails around the lake are in great shape. I like to ride when it isn’t too busy as I tend to go slow. As I ride solo, I only go as far as I am willing to walk back. Did not see anyone else riding while I was out in the late afternoon. Last night, however, the power line trail turned into a major thoroughfare for sleds. It finally quieted down around 11:30. My guess is people went out for a run after work, given the cold temperatures predicted for today (Saturday). Charlie’s Inn in Lake Clear and Jessie’s Supper Club in Mountain View are popular destinations.

Looks like a solitary sled traversed the lake from end to end. My sled cannot handle a snow pack of over 8 inches, given its old short track, so I tend to stay off the lake and out of the deep snow. I did watch a solitary skier and their dog use the track across the lake. Both appeared to be having fun.

Ice fishing has been good, but not much activity. Had a report from someone who would know that they had caught a Largemouth Bass and a Walleye. Neither is native to Loon Lake. Not sure who introduced these. Loon Lake used to hold trout, until DEC introduced Smallmouth decades ago. Now Smallmouth Bass are the preeminent species. Walleye have the potential to similarly decimate the Smallmouth population. The two folks that (in my opinion) might have stocked the lake are both gone— one died, the other has moved away.

Paula has been staying quite busy with indoor activities. Baking, soldering stained glass, making flannel PJs, building more storage shelves, making a great dinner….and that was all just one day. I was working — but did manage to head into the woods after grouse on my lunch hour. Lots of tracks— Moose, Deere, Coyote, Rabbit, Grouse, and Otter all on the move.

Not sure what is on the agenda for today— I do know we will be making pizza. Which means I will be splitting wood to keep warm while tending the outdoor pizza oven. I consider it a major accomplishment if I can finish a bottle of beer before it freezes.

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