MLK Jr. Weekend at Loon Lake

What a great weekend. We definitely had a variety of weather.

I took a break from work on Friday and got out into the woods. We had a nice crust of icy snow on top of a 6 inch base. I walked into the Plumadore Brook Easement land . Came across the track of a snowmobile trail— a definite no no.

We had family up for the long weekend. Was not sure what to plan for activities, given the weather forecast.

Saturday started quite cold— 25 below. Luckily, the expected wind never materialized; neither did the anticipated 45 below wind chill. We did keep the grandkids inside. It is amazing what a new box of crayons and new play-do will do to keep them occupied. We celebrated a birthday with spaghetti and meatballs, homemade bread, and Super Mario Cupcakes. Somehow I managed to polish off a great bottle of Cabernet during the course of the day.

Even without wind, Loon Lake lost power Saturday night. I called National Grid. They asked how I knew the power was out all around the lake—. It is actually easy; you just go outside and listen for the back up generators. Generac should film a commercial out here.

Sunday was a great day. It warmed up to zero. I went out hunting, and came across fresh snowshoe tracks, again in the Plumadore Easement area. They had gone out on Saturday, and actually crossed over the Brook. If you are reading this— what’s on the other side? A trail? I opted not to cross the Brook. I was not wearing snowshoes, and it was not clear where stream bank ended, and the ice over the brook began. A moose had used the snowshoe track for a bit, and the tell tale track of a beaver dropped down out of the snow and into Plumadore Brook.

Around 10 all the kids on the Point converged on the hill below our camp and went sledding. Paula too, on her custom Flexible Flyer, with waxed runners. She smoked the kids going down the hill. Our heated garage served as a warming hut, but was not really needed as the kids warmed up during the climb back up the hill.

Given the forecasted blizzard on Monday, and the frigid temperatures of Saturday, we opted to make pizza for lunch on Sunday. I prepared the oven and split down firewood while the kids went sledding. I try to keep about three weeks supply of firewood prepared, always working ahead.

Given the anticipated blizzard our guests and some others on the Point cleared out late in the day on Sunday. We had a nice quiet evening at camp.

So far Monday morning we have received about 4 inches of new snow, and it is still coming down, hard. Predicted to continue all day.

Been keeping an eye on our new neighbors as they spend their first two weeks in their new camp. They appear to be acclimating nicely. They sure are getting a taste of Winter at Loon Lake….

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