Winter at Loon Lake

It’s a good day to stay inside, next to a fire….

Wish someone had told me that,

At the moment, a mixture of sleet/rain/snow is coming down, and we have fairly high winds out of the West. We have a Winter Weather Advisory until 7 PM.

This week we received about another 5 to 6 inches of snow. Enough to sled and ski, not enough for snowshoes. The snowmobile trail along the power line is open from Lake Clear to Malone, and saw heavy use on Saturday, as it one of the first trails to open in the area. Trucks and trailers parked along Goldsmith Road, already, today. I also saw someone unloading a fat tire bike. That made me feel like I wasn’t the only crazy person out and about.

It has warmed up today from a low of 14 below Saturday morning. We get more below zero temperatures next week.

I did head out early, for grouse, but everything smart (everything except me) is hunkered down, waiting out the weather. I debated running out to a friend’s house just off Rt. 3 as Rt. 26 seemed questionable. As I approached my turn to home, a Town Plow came by, spreading sand, so I did make the run out.

I have mentioned elsewhere that 58 Moose were spotted recently in a single helicopter overflight of the conservation easement lands that border on Loon Lake. These areas are actively logged using sustainable forestry measures. As such, forests are very healthy and support all sorts of wildlife (including Moose and Grouse). We are fortunate to have access to these resources, here at Loon Lake.

We could really use a big dump of snow. We are making do with “just enough” for now. Would be nice to be able to use snowshoes, rather than post holing through the woods….

One thought on “Winter at Loon Lake

  1. Hey Keith – thx for the weather update! Let us know when the big snow dump comes.
    Glad you are enjoying ur winter in LL!
    Weather has been super for us snow birds in south FL, too. (But the skiing is lousy)

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