Happy New Year!

What a strange year 2021 has been. Weird that I remember all three dates of my Covid Vaccinations. The drive though site in Plattsburgh was surreal. We have been so fortunate to be able to escape to the lake, where we socially distance by choice, routinely. We were fortunate enough to pull off both Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve with our immediate family.

There is just enough snow here at the lake to make it feel like Winter. But not enough yet for good snowshoeing and backwoods skiing. Could use a good solid foot of snow.

The grandkids have cancelled out on their plans to come up this holiday week. Not enough snow for sledding….they would be inside, watching movies or playing video games. They can do that at home.

I have been out in the woods everyday. Wildlife and signs of wildlife abound. There are tracks of moose, deer, coyote, rabbit, squirrel, turkey and grouse everywhere. Several times I have been accompanied by a pesky Blue Jay, flitting about and announcing my presence.

We tried a new restaurant up in Plattsburgh— Sip at 14 Margaret Street. Great menu, good food (and drinks). Stopped in when we made a grocery run. Actually, Plattsburgh has a great selection of restaurants, many right downtown.

Looking forward to the New Year. Paula and I have been planning out our next projects. Getting back in shape, losing the weight gained since the Covid Lockdown of March 2020 is top on my list.

So, Happy New Year! Hopefully we can continue to build on the successes achieved in 2021. Stay safe— please mask up and get vaccinated.

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