Thanksgiving Weekend at Loon Lake

We are in the middle of a Winter Storm Warning, here at the lake. It is quite windy, very cold, and about three inches of the expected six to eight inches of snow has arrived. Molasses Bay has started to freeze.

The new snow means the woods will be busy today with hunters, out for deer. The season ends next weekend, and, so far, the weather has not been great. Conditions today, though, are ideal.

Paula has started her Christmas cookie baking. The camp smells great, but the dogs and I enter the kitchen at our peril. I’ll wait for the finished products.

The camp is set for Winter. That’s a good feeling. The fire in the fireplace is a constant companion. Plenty of wood is under cover and at hand to keep it going. Carson, our oldest dog, turned 14 this week. His neoprene hunting vest is always on for warmth, and he has claimed the spot in front of the fire.

We were able to have a normal Thanksgiving this year, with two of our three kids and their families. What a difference a year makes.

Happy Thanksgiving, all.

One thought on “Thanksgiving Weekend at Loon Lake

  1. Windy down here in PA as well, lost power for two hours which gave the generator a needed exercise. No snow in the forecast though.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


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