Fall Fishing

Water levels remain high across Upstate New York. In checking on my two favorite Trout Streams this past week, I found the North Branch of the Saranac running a good foot higher than normal. The other, the Onesquethaw Creek was receding but still about two feet higher than normal. Both were running clear and cold.

Earlier this Month, NYSDEC put out a press release about their new regulations extending trout fishing out of season. You can fish, using lures, on a catch and release basis.

So Friday after work, I headed out on one of my two favorite streams. The water was fast and high— it could have been run in a whitewater canoe or kayak (which, I don’t actually recommend, given the possibility of downed tree strainers).

I had difficulty controlling the lure in the fast water, but it was a beautiful afternoon. I worked my way down to an eddy pool just below a drop off— a spot that normally does not exist at lower water levels. I swear I saw something following the lure, but the lighting and downed leaves made it difficult to be sure.

But then, this happened.

Fall Brown Trout (released)

What a great way to end the week, and start the weekend.

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