Labor Day Weekend at Loon Lake

It kinda feels that the last weekend of Summer, was last week. How did we go from extremely hot and muggy, to 47 degrees in the morning?

We did pull the swim float today. My timing of this chore is dependent upon when my son, Forklift Jonny, is at camp. He is as strong as an Ox. he spent the weekend fishing with his young daughters, over in the shallows next to Mensink Road. Catching Sunnies, hand over fist.

This is a weird time of year for me. I spent my early mornings on a combined trout fishing trip along the North Branch, and checking the surrounding waters for Geese (the season opened September 1st.). Have not seen any geese, but am noting the presence of many ducks.

The Trout fishing has been good. A couple of hits each day, even managing to land a few. Being out on the North Branch with a mug of coffee is a great way to start a work day.

Picked up a key for the new lock on the Boat Launch gate. Locks changing November 1st. I will have pulled the Whaler by then, but may still have the Jon Boat on the water.

I have been saying good bye to many friends just here for the Summer. Time flew by this year.

It has been a quiet Labor Day weekend— half our guests cancelled at the last minute, because of a potential Covid exposure. Will get them up another weekend.

I don’t think it is really possible for the lake to get much more quiet; but, it will, come Tuesday. We are entering my favorite season— here’s hoping for an extended Fall.

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