The Fifth of July

What a beautiful morning.

As I headed over to climb the bump/Crusher with Porter, I had to stop and clear a rather substantial tree off Horsehead Point Road. It had been dropped by a beaver, sometime last night.

You could not see the lake from the top of the bump this morning. It was ensconced in either fog, or gun-smoke from last night’s fireworks. The summits of all the surrounding hills, ridges and Mountains we brightly lit by the Sun, with a clear blue sky.

The fireworks off Horsehead Point were, once again, quite spectacular. No need to go to Saranac Lake, Malone, or Plattsburgh. Word is getting out, as there we more boats out on the water, enjoying the show.

About three weeks prior tot the Fourth,I start fielding questions from the kids and grandkids about the plans for fireworks. We get a head’s up, so that I can get the dogs into a safe place. Some years I stay with the dogs. This, year, I took the boat out, with the family.

I explained to my grandkids that the fireworks are set off by a Wizard, who only has three fingers left on each hand. His name is “Three Fingers Tom.” One astute grandkid said to me that last time, I said Three Fingers Tom was a pirate. Thinking quickly, I said, Yes, that’s true; but he has since retired, and is now a Wizard.

Looks like today will be a good day on the water. See you out there.

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