Summer is here!

And Loon Lake is hopping. More activity on the water; listening to voices across the bay. Everyone is here out on Horsehead Point. Still missing our Canadian neighbors, around the lake.

Chance of rain and thunderstorms through the weekend. Should still be able to get out and do stuff, just be careful.

Starting on our last major project for the year. Tom Bartiss is placing natural stone steps on our upper hill, just below the camp. They should match the stone steps he installed a few years ago down next to the lake. I like watching him work with his excavator— what skill.

Yesterday was a great day. Started clear and cool, with no humidity. Ran up the bump early, and then headed down to the North Branch of the Saranac to fish. I thought the water might be too low and warm—. But the levels were decent, and I fished just below where a spring enters the stream. A couple of little trout chased my lure on my first casts. And then this happened.

I caught a 14” Brown Trout. It is by far the biggest trout I have ever caught. It was amazing to watch in the water as I reeled in. Released back immediately.

Looking forward to the weekend. We actually have nothing we need to do, and have no guests. I guess this is what bliss feels like.


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