Wildlife everywhere

Yesterday started with a sonic boom of a thunder clap at 6:30AM. Woke everyone and every dog up at camp. We had a series of storms and strong downpours throughout the day. My son was able to get his kids out fishing, swimming and hiking, between the storms. I somehow managed to get seven pizzas cooked between the raindrops.

Today started clear and in the low 50s. I got up and out before I need to start work. Lots of wildlife had similar ideas, I think.

I sat on top of Crusher with Porter for about 5 minutes, listening;g to two Loon and their tremolo calls. Quite eerie, as we were socked in with a mid level fog, with it being clear above and below.

As I got back to camp, I saw that our camp turtle had returned to lay her eggs. For the last twenty years, she has shown up on the roadside of camp, laying her eggs in the sandy soil, right next to camp.

I grabbed my ultralight fishing rod, and headed to the North Branch of the Saranac. I figured the fish might be on the move, with the higher water from yesterday’s storms. As I tuned onto Thatcherville Road, I noticed a truck ahead of me, by about 10 seconds. Sure enough, he was heading to my spot and pulled out a fly rod. I circled back to another spot I like.

That guy did me a favor.

On the way back to camp, I saw 2 Does with fawns, as well as about 8 turkeys. Everyone out and about today.

And now, to work….

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