Late Spring at Loon Lake

This is one of my favorite times of the year, here at the lake; warm days, cooler nights. The lake is beginning to come alive. Did not need a headlamp to walk the dogs, earlier this morning.

The Trillium are beginning to flower. I noticed many Painted Trillium on my way up Crusher Mountain (aka, the bump). Still looking for the beautiful solid Red Trillium.

Splashed the Whaler, yesterday. Loon Lake water temperature is still @55 degrees. Too cold to swim, or to swim the dogs. Cold enough that one should wear a life vest while on the water. The Jon boat will go in today, and I’ll move the kayaks and canoes down to the waterfront.

I have not noticed any trout moving up the North Branch of the Saranac. Water levels are a bit low, and it is still a bit early.

Our long-time neighbors moved out this week. Will miss the Ministers. I have always called the Rhodhamels that. My son actually thought “Minister” was their last name.

It is a seller’s market in the Adirondacks. I was contacted by two realtors this week—. There is not much inventory available, and they were looking for potential camps to sell. This last week, the Irish House, and the newly renovated cottage at the intersection of Blue Spruce and Route 26 went on the market.

The dock is in at the boat launch.

I do believe this is the weekend I traditionally make the seasonal shift from bottles of Porter to cans of Lager (no glass on the water).

See you on the lake.

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